CP Foods Affirms Biosecurity System Being Essential to Pig Farmers Success

Farm biosecurity system is an essential aspect of achieving sustainable food security of the nation. Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (CPF) confirms that sound biosecurity practices protect the company and contract swine farms from diseases and pests, minimizing the risk of production loss, and maximizing farm outputs. This also allows Thai consumers to consume consistently safe protein meat.


Dr. Damnoen Chaturavittawong, DVM, Senior Vice President – Swine Veterinary Service Department of CP Foods, said the biosecurity system is one of the five principles of CP Foods’ animal husbandry standard that ensure the success of farm operations. The five principles are good breeding, good feed, good housing, good management, and good disease preventive measures. Biosecurity measures have been implemented by the company and its contract farmers to prevent the spread of animal diseases. In addition, the company also integrates automation technology and digitization or “Smart Farm” system into the management of animal farms which increases the efficacy of controlling farm and biosecurity measures as well as caring for animal health.


“CP Foods focuses on the biosecurity system throughout the value chain in order to meet the global high standard for food safety.” According to Dr.Damnoen, stringent biosecurity measures in animal husbandry are essential for promoting animal health and productivity as well as bolstering the nation’s food security.”


Not only do the company’s animal farms implement biosecurity measures, but so do its contract farmers, particularly those who raise pigs. The measures protect the company and contract farmers swine farms from African Swine Fever (ASF), in response to Thailand’s government policy’s Zero AFS. This also safeguards the careers of farmers, enabling them to advance professionally and continue to generate income continuously.


CP Foods’ biosecurity practices include raising animals in closed houses equipped with EVAP system to prevent disease agents and employing the highest level of farm access control to ensure that animals are disease-free. Feed, water and feed ingredients can be traced to their source origins.  To prevent pathogens from entering the farm, all employees and vehicles must be disinfected, including a separate entrance must be designated for the delivery of pigs.


CP Foods also takes into account traceability and infection testing throughout the supply chain, including the slaughterhouse, the processing plant and the distribution center, to ensure that the products are free of contamination. The product quality is certified by global standards such as quality assurance systems (GMP), hazard analysis and critical control points in food production (HACCP). These stringent measures enable the company’s contract farmers to provide consumers with safe pork and chicken products at the same level as the company’s standard.