FWD Insurance and Junior Achievement Thailand Foundation On-ground Activity for Youths at Wat Uthai Tharam School

FWD Life Insurance Plc. (“FWD Insurance”), led by a dedicated team of 22 volunteer employees, has partnered with the JA Thailand Foundation (Junior Achievement Thailand) to conduct a financial education workshop known as JA SparktheDream. This initiative was aimed at 96 students in elementary level from Wat Uthai Tharam School in Bangkok, with the goal of imparting knowledge about financial management, enhancing social skills, and instilling essential life skills. The program’s ultimate objective is to improve their financial literacy, enable informed financial decision-making, and promote financial security for both themselves and their families.


The JA SparktheDream program comprises four core lessons. Lesson 1 focuses on income generation, savings strategies, and responsible spending habits. Lesson 2 emphasizes financial planning and stresses the importance of keeping track of income and expenses. Lesson 3 explores the significance of inspiration and financial stability through interactive simulations and activities, with easily understandable content that students can readily apply in their daily lives. Lessen 4 focuses on social innovation, design thinking, and encouraging the student to generate their own ideas for people around them.