AXONS Bags Asian Technology Excellence Awards 2023 for Smart Logistics Application

AXONS, a subsidiary of Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (CP Foods), once again shines in the technological spotlight by winning the Asian Technology Excellence Award for the second year running. This time, the accolade comes in the “Smart Technology – Food Manufacturing Solutions” category, highlighting the company’s smart logistics application, AXONS Move. The cutting-edge application revolutionizes the transport of food products, ensuring food safety, minimizing waste, and optimizing energy and time. The solutions align with consumers’ expectations for convenience, high quality, hygiene, and environmentally-friendly products.”

Mr. Sunsern Samaisut, the Managing Director and Executive of AXONS, elucidates the transportation challenges prevalent in the agricultural and food sectors. Given the perishable nature of food products and the inherent risks during transit, it becomes imperative to implement a robust management system. AXONS Move addresses this pressing issue by offering an advanced solution for transportation and logistics management. This platform is specifically tailored to meet the demands of the agri-food sector, streamlining transportation with unparalleled accuracy. The result is not merely an increase in efficiency and a reduction in operational costs, but it also ensures that consumers receive food in its most pristine and safe foods, simultaneously enhancing driver safety and overall satisfaction.”


Mr. Sansern comments, “This acknowledgement highlights our unwavering commitment to leading digital innovations. With AXONS Move, we are enhancing the competitiveness of the Thai food industry supply chain, serving a diverse market that spans Thailand, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Malaysia, and Laos.

Incorporating Big Data, the AXONS Move system tracks parameters like vehicle coordinates, temperature, and speed to refine logistics pathways. This optimization cuts down delivery times and translates to a staggering 30% annual cost-saving for users. Additionally, it plays a pivotal role in curbing CO2 emissions. Its real-time reporting coupled with a rigorous inspection mechanism ensures the safe and comprehensive transportation of products. This advanced feature set liberates entrepreneurs from the hassle of logistics, allowing them to focus on business expansion.

The Asian Technology Excellence Awards 2023, hosted by “ASIAN BUSINESS REVIEW,” Singapore’s premier digital technology innovation magazine, is in its fifth edition. The awards aim to spotlight transformative projects and tech breakthroughs, propelling industry standards to new heights. The evaluation criteria are hinged on innovation, effectiveness, and the potential to make a positive imprint on businesses and industries.