CPF Collaborates with Chiang Mai Province and Public Sectors to Tackle PM2.5 Issues

In a significant effort to tackle the worsening smog and dust pollution crisis, Chiang Mai Province has united with government agencies and the private sector. This collaboration includes Bangkok Produce Public Company Limited (BKP), supplier of animal feed raw materials for Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (CP Foods). Together, they have initiated the “Partner to Green: Combating PM2.5” project. The objective of this initiative is to strengthen the corn supply chain in the Northern region, specifically targeting the elimination of stubble burning practices in the agricultural sector.

Nirat Pongsitthaworn, the Governor of Chiang Mai, affirmed the province’s resolute dedication to combating the smog crisis by mobilizing all resources across various sectors. He stated, “The ‘Partner to Green’ initiative exemplifies the efforts of private companies to contribute their traceability data, integrating technological advancements like satellite imaging, to tackle a critical national challenge. Our collaborative work in the animal feed corn cultivation sector is aimed at establishing a sustainable, long-lasting solution to the dust issue. This approach is in perfect harmony with both the government’s and Chiang Mai’s strategic policies.”

Paisarn Kruawongvanich, CEO of Bangkok Produce Public Company Limited (BKP), highlighted the company’s forefront role in implementing traceability systems for the procurement of animal feed corn since 2016. He accentuated BKP’s dedication to establishing industry benchmarks with its pioneering “No Mountain, No Burn, We Buy” policy. “This approach not only advocates for a responsible food supply chain but also actively engages in the battle against deforestation, thereby aiding in the alleviation of the smog crisis. Within the ambit of the ‘Partner to Green’ initiative, BKP is at the vanguard of encouraging collaborative efforts to protect farmers and their land. Leveraging satellite imagery, we aim to identify and address the issue of stubble burning. Initially launched in Chiang Mai and other Northern provinces, we plan to escalate this project to a national scale by the end of 2023. Our goal is to cultivate a network of trade allies who are vigilant against burning practices and are committed to embracing sustainable farming techniques,” he asserted.

The collaboration between BKP, the Department of Agriculture, the Pollution Control Department, and GISTDA, culminating in a workshop centered on dust pollution (PM 2.5) awareness, legislative drafts for cleaner air, and sustainable practices for business and public entities.

The “Partner to Green” project exemplifies the CP Group’s dedication to fostering collaboration in eradicating smog and dust pollution, while simultaneously enhancing the capabilities of its business partners in animal feed maize production. This initiative is a crucial stride towards achieving the Net-Zero goal by 2050, underscoring the group’s commitment to responsible and sustainable operations.