FWD Insurance Introduces “CI Modular Series”: Customizable Critical Illness Care

FWD Insurance has unveiled the “CI Modular Series,” an innovative critical illness insurance that ensures continuous care for customers confronting critical illnesses. This comprehensive offering features “CI Cash A Day,” which provides daily compensation insurance for inpatient admissions, and “CI Med-ALL,” offering a lump sum for medical treatment covering critical illnesses, general illnesses, and accidents. These supplementary benefits are available in addition to the lump sum benefit received from the primary critical illness insurance, recognizing the gravity of critical illnesses and empowering customers to choose additional coverage and protection for ongoing care.


Ms. Alisa Areepong, Chief Proposition Officer of FWD Insurance, highlights the triumph of our innovative FWD Modular Series product, as underscored by accolades from the UK’s premium International Finance Magazine (IFM) at the International Finance Awards 2023 and the Insurance Asia News Country Awards for Excellence 2023, from Hong Kong’s leading InsuranceAsia News magazine. These recognitions have driven us to continually develop products that cater to our customers’ needs, in line with our customer-led approach. We are committed to comprehending the challenges faced by customers dealing with critical illnesses. A study based on Public Health Statistics 2021* has revealed an upward trend in serious illnesses among the Thai population, primarily attributed to the fast-paced lifestyle and prevalent health issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol. The most prevalent critical illnesses include cancer, stroke, pneumonia, and heart disease, often resulting in unforeseen medical expenses in the case of complications or additional sicknesses.


Moreover, data from the Ministry of Public Health’s 2021 illness report indicates an average hospital stay duration of 5.13 days** in private hospitals during inpatient treatment, potentially leading to income loss. To address these challenges, FWD Insurance has developed a comprehensive critical illness insurance plan that goes beyond a one-time lump sum payment when a critical illness is diagnosed. Customers can now opt to purchase additional coverage to supplement their primary critical illness insurance, such as CI50 or CI Future, as needed.


“CI Cash A Day” ensures uninterrupted income and ongoing care, providing daily compensation during inpatient stays for 50 serious illnesses. It also doubles the peace of mind when admitted to the intensive care unit. Customers have the flexibility to select a daily compensation plan, with options ranging from 1,000 baht to 5,000 baht per day.


“CI Med-ALL” guarantees continuous care upon illness detection, covering lump sum medical expenses for 50 serious illnesses, including both critical and general illnesses, as well as injuries from accidents. It also offers comprehensive cancer care, encompassing coverage for the Genomic Test for Cancer Treatment, medical service fees for innovative cancer treatments like Immunotherapy, and alternative medical therapies such as traditional Thai or traditional Chinese medicine, chiropractic care, and more, elevating peace of mind in every circumstance.