NBTC Notifies AIS Can Acquire TTTBB Shares to Form a Separate Business Unit

AIS has received formal notification from NBTC concerning its considerations to allow AWN to acquire the shares of Triple Broadband plc. (3BB or TTTBB) as a subsidiary company in the group of Advanced Info Service plc. (AIS).


AIS Chief Executive Officer Somchai Lertsutiwong noted, “AIS, through AWN, recently submitted a business merger report regarding AWN and 3BB to the Office of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC), requesting permission for such a merger. At latest, we have received formal notification from NBTC, that it had considered allowing AWN to acquire the shares of Triple Broadband plc. (3BB or TTTBB), for the latter to become a business unit in the group of Advanced Info Service plc. (AIS). AIS’ investment on this occasion will greatly benefit the home Internet sector, both now and in the long-term. Thai people in every part of the country, whether in cities or remote provincial areas, will have immediate access to digital services, high-speed Internet over fiber optic cable technology, and the latest innovations generated from the combined capabilities of AIS, AIS Fibre and 3BB. At the same time, there will be a reduction in redundant fiber optic cabling. Digital infrastructure will also be developed to cover every conceivable use case, and the national digital sector will be thoroughly upgraded for every category of business on an equal basis.


“While the pertinent legal operations are still in process, anyone requiring home Internet can choose between AIS Fibre and 3BB. They will experience the same quality standards as before, but with the addition of greater utility in terms of network coverage, the latest innovations responding to the use cases of each sector, digital content services, and a highly cost-effective and diverse range of privileges arising from the joint operations of AIS Fibre and 3BB.


“On top of all of these customer benefits, we are looking at the overall fixed broadband sector. This still relies on providers having the wherewithal to develop fiber optic networks in Thailand. Investment will therefore be expanded into new areas, and every segment of the Thai population will be granted the opportunity to access Internet services with thorough and equal coverage. Remote provincial areas in particular will see some competition in providing a range of alternatives for consumers, which will produce Internet services that are fast, have great coverage and offer the finest quality.”