BTS Group Rated “B” Score in CDP Climate Change Assessment 2023

BTS Group has been awarded a “B” score in the CDP’s 2023 annual climate change disclosure assessment. In this year, over 23,000 companies participated in the assessment. Out of the 81 Thai companies that submitted this year, BTS Group is the only Thai rail transportation company to do so. This is also the third consecutive year that BTS Group has submitted a response for CDP submission.

CDP is a non-profit organisation that is internationally recognised for its focus on climate change management, based on international carbon dioxide and climate change standards. CDP assesses companies in 3 aspects: Climate Change, Water, and Forest, with Climate Change being the most popular assessment. CDP assesses companies worldwide, with a score given to each ranging from A to D-. In 2023, the average score for companies in Asia is “C“, and the average score for rail transportation companies is “B”.

Since its inception in 1999, BTS Group has been committed to delivering continual development and integration of sustainable practices to strive towards a decarbonised economy. BTS Group’s long-term climate strategy: to maintain its carbon neutral status, continuously improve its energy efficiency, and have at least 10% renewable energy within its operational consumption, has effectively guided the Company in achieving its ESG excellence which has been reflected by our commitment to the CDP Climate Change assessment.