Bangkok Produce Merchandising Initiates Third-Party Assessment to Enhance Corn Traceability System

Bangkok Produce Merchandising Public Company Limited, a supplier of agricultural raw materials for Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (CP Foods), has recently undergone a third-party assessment of its corn traceability system to validate its integrity and uphold transparency. This initiative aims to bolster confidence throughout the corn supply chain, ensuring it remains free from deforestation and refrains from burning practices.

The third-party assessment is conducted by experts from ERM-Siam Company Limited, an international sustainability consultancy, and on-site evaluations are conducted to assess the system’s performance and ensure alignment with international standards. This comprehensive evaluation covered four key aspects: the implementation of sustainable raw material sourcing policies, the functionality of the system, the integration of data and inputs from raw material collectors and farmers, and the entire corn trading process to feed mills, including data management during incidents. This ensures the system aligns with international best practices and CP Group’s policies, which strictly prohibit the purchase and importation of corn products from deforested and crop-burning areas.

Mr. Woraphot Suratwisit, Vice President of Bangkok Produce Merchandising, underscored the pivotal role of third-party verification in guaranteeing that the corn traceability system’s processes and data management comply with global standards. This commitment ensures transparency, reliability, integrity, and traceability through utilising blockchain technology. Corn collectors can access the system’s input data, which includes details about purchased corn and satellite imagery identifying areas cultivated without deforestation. The evaluation conducted by an independent organization will enhance the system’s efficiency, and improve the trust of the company, partners, consumers, and global customers.

“The assessment by an independent organization also empowered the company and its business partners’ ability to source corn free from deforestation encroachments, and efficiently address dust and PM2.5 issues. This move is following the goal of the Partner to Green project, fostering collaboration among the government, private sector, and farmers for sustainable and responsible corn production,” stated Mr. Woraphot.

Bangkok Produce Merchandising leads as the first Thai company to pioneer the development and implementation of a corn traceability system, inaugurating the initiative in 2016 to responsibly source corn as a raw material for CP Foods’ animal feed production. Currently, the traceability of all procured corn for animal feed production in Thailand can be traced back to its cultivation source, validating the authenticity of documentation and adherence to eco-friendly practices. In addition to third-party verification, the company conducts annual self-audits to ensure that the traceability system aligns with international standards, contributing to environmental conservation and the well-being of farmers.