Microsoft Confirms Further Layoffs on Top of 10,000 Announced in January

Tech giant Microsoft confirmed Monday that it is laying off more employees in addition to the 10,000 announced back in January.

Large technology corporations like Amazon, Google, and others have reduced their workforces this year after swiftly expanding to meet surging demand during the Covid-19 outbreak. In recent months, Microsoft has reported that customers are seeking ways to reduce their cloud computing costs.

The software company’s spokesperson is refusing to speak on the scale of the most recent wave of layoffs. CEO Satya Nadella announced in a January memo that the corporation would be updating its hardware and consolidating its leases.

Microsoft stated on Monday that it will lay off 276 employees in its home state of Washington. Of those, 66 are digital.

“Organizational and workforce adjustments are a necessary and regular part of managing our business,” the spokesperson said in an email. “We will continue to prioritize and invest in strategic growth areas for our future and in support of our customers and partners.”