ADVANC Brings “Jung and Cullen” to AIS Family for Best 5G Service in Thailand

  • AIS dedicates to advancing 5G development continuously, now covering over 95% nationwide, No. 1 in Thailand. Promising our customers a truly heartfelt network experience with our campaign “Truly Reliable Nationwide, Fast Network.” Pairing this with exclusive privileges from AIS Points, spanning across Thailand—north, south, east, and west.

AIS emphasizes the speed, strength, and extensive coverage of its 5G network, providing customers with a truly heartfelt 5G experience. The new campaign ‘Truly Reliable Nationwide, Fast Network’ features real users Jung and Cullen as presenters, who join the AIS family to validate No.1 5G network in Thailand.

Pratthana Leelapanang, Chief Consumer Business Officer at AIS, stated, ” Today, digital usage is deeply integrated into everyone’s lives, not just for communication but for transactions, online shopping, booking hotels, restaurants, and even travel. For over 34 years, AIS has been committed to developing its network to become a Super Highway, connecting lifestyles and offering the best user experience across all dimensions: the fastest and most powerful network, the most responsive benefits, and sincere quality from AIS.

AIS customers can enjoy the best services nationwide, with 5G network best quality and No 1 network in Thailand guaranteed by Ookla® in 2023 and Open Signal in 2024. These independent organizations have recognized AIS 5G as the fastest and best 5G network in Thailand. AIS now offers 95% of Thailand’s population coverage nationwide, holding the most spectrum across low, mid, and high bands, totaling over 1460 MHz.

In addition to exceptional digital services, AIS offers exclusive benefits through its points platform, connecting partner stores nationwide. Customers can redeem 1 point for special offers, including free items, discounts, and upgrades. The more you use and transfer points, the more rewards you receive, redeemable across Thailand.

Customers can use their points to match their lifestyle needs, whether they are shopping, dining, or enjoying services at local stores across Thailand. AIS points can be redeemed for discounts of up to 20 baht at over 800 local coffee shops in 70 provinces. Additionally, 1 point can boost your mobile speed with 5G BOOST Mode package of 5GB for 3 hours. 

Pratthana emphasized, ” Our latest campaign, ‘Truly Reliable Nationwide, Fast Network,’ aims to communicate AIS’s commitment to quality service, offering the best digital experience with truly heartfelt network performance and exclusive benefits. We are thrilled to welcome Jung and Cullen as part of the AIS family, collaborating to create content that shares their favorite activities through excellent network experiences and exclusive partner benefits from AIS Points.”


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