Kaohoon’s Top News on April 22, 2022

Headline: Analysts warn of weak Japanese yen effect on other Asian currencies

Analysts warned of a weaker Japanese yen after the Asian giant currency fell to its lowest level in 20 years. They said that such a matter would have a negative effect on other Asian currencies, including the Thai baht. Capital Nomura Securities, hence, suggests outperforming stocks that benefit from foreign buy in sectors such as healthcare, restaurant, and electronics. BDMS, BCH, BH, SAPPE, AOT, CPALL, KCE, SNC, SPA, and CENTEL are recommended.


Headline: IRPC anticipates a strong 1Q22 performance, bolstered by stock gains. 

IRPC Plc. (SET: IRPC) is confident that its 1Q22 operating results will show solid growth on the back of stock gains in the refinery business segment, while the petrochemical business segment continues to grow in line with global demand growth despite rising oil and gas prices. Analysts rate IRPC as a speculative buy, with a target price of THB3.90.


Headline: EKH is considering the disposal of its shares to RAM 

Ekachai Medical Care Plc. (SET: EKH) confirmed that it is considering selling its shares to Ramkhamhaeng Hospital Plc. (SET: RAM). Meanwhile, RAM stated that it intends to acquire a maximum of 25% of EKH but does not plan to conduct a tender offer. Analysts are positive about this transaction.


Headline: IMH joins forces with WINMED to sell LITUO ATK test kits

Intermedical Care and Lab Hospital Plc. (SET: IMH) partnered with Winnergy Medical Plc. (SET: WINMED) to procure and distribute LITUO ATK COVID-19 saliva test kits. IMH plans to exceed THB1,200 million in revenue this year, while analysts see this collaboration as a win – win for both companies.


Headline: Chevron to hand over the Erawan field to PTTEP on 23 April

Chevron is scheduled to transfer control of the Erawan gas field to PTT Exploration and Production Plc. (SET: PTTEP) on 23 April, with plans to establish the center to ensure safety during the transition. Chevron will also execute four production sharing agreements to maintain gas production. 


Headline: BGRIM sees improved operating results in 1Q22 on higher electric consumption

B.Grimm Power Plc. (SET: BGRIM) expects that Vietnam’s National Power Development Plan VIII would include the 3,600-megawatt LNG-to-Power project. Analysts anticipate that BGRIM’s performance in 1Q22 will improve over the previous quarter, owing to higher electric consumption and a rising ft rate.