KCS Expects ‘BJC’ to Benefit the Most from New SET50/100 Adjustment

The Stock Exchange is holding a hearing (April 11-26) to revise the criteria for selecting stocks in the SET50/100 indices. 

The consideration will be based on the current free float criteria, but will be adjusted to foreign markets measures, using a Minimum Requirement of securities with trading value not less than 25% and turnover ratio not less than 1%. 


Krungsri Capital Securities (KCS) wrote in a note that if the feedback aligns with the new criteria, BJC, one of its top picks for Q2 2024, is poised to move up to the SET50 index in 2H24. KCS recommended “BUY” at a target price at THB36.00 per share.


Stocks to Benefit:

SET50: BJC (currently below liquidity criteria)

SET100: MBK, CKP, QH (at risk of exclusion this round but likely to remain under the new criteria)

Stocks at Disadvantage:

SET50: BANPU (currently ranked 50th in Market Cap)


Recommendation: Buy BJC (TP: 36 baht) for potential growth amidst the index criteria revision.