SABUY Newly Launching 2 Digital Tokens, Is Now Being Stated as Utility Token, on FIIT Token & Speedkub

Sabuy Digital, a new startup company under SABUY GROUP with a strong innovation and technology infrastructure together with a goal of bringing blockchain for users to experience a hybrid real-virtual world

“FIIT Token”, a new and the first in the market “Move to Earn” platform, here you users can play games or do virtual exercise to earn the tokens, which they can then exchange for products in the real world with a plenty of choices to redeem either from Sabuy Ecosystem or partners. With the concept of gamification, Sabuy Digital built a game gimmick for users to have game items including game NFT which users can convert or transfer to a real NFT on Binance Smart Chain. The NFT itself comes with a value where users can sell and buy in NFT Marketplace like Tofu NFT.

While “Speedkub” has the same concept of earning tokens but a different usage purpose. The platform itself aims to be a solution for business partners or SMEs as a CRM for all and CRM Token. Speedkub Token is working as a connection of business and customers for a long-term retention and building brand loyalty by giving them a privilege of discounts, special offers, etc. by utilizing the tokens. Sabuy Digital will make a first move with their own drop off brands listed under SABUY GROUP in the phase of launching and will expand to other business partners by the end of the year as expected.

The wait of connecting the Metaverse with Reality is finally over. “FIIT Token” and SpeedKUB” are now launching on both App Store & Play Store.