AIS Lays Full Digital Services at QSNCC to Support Thailand’s Hosting APEC 2022

AIS 5G will participate in this year’s Asia Pacific Economic Forum (APEC 2022) as the host nation welcomes leaders from 21 economic zones at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC) from 14-19 November 2022. AIS is on top readiness levels to support QSNCC with digital infrastructure and its 5G network, which now covers 99% of the metropolitan Bangkok area. It will support world leaders, working groups and their entourages, as well as the media from every part of the world, to join the forum so it can achieve its goals of long-term international economic cooperation.

Wasit Wattanasap, Head of Nationwide Operation and Support Department at Advanced Info Service Pcl. (AIS) said that, “The APEC 2022 summit of world leaders, which Thailand is hosting, is incredibly important for cooperation between 21 of the largest economic zones in the world. It will influence the growth of economic systems, trade measures, investment policies and environmental policies. It will be the first such meeting featuring live person-to-person contact for many years, during which many dimensions of life and business have been transformed in their context. The occasion of world leaders, their working groups and international media travelling to this meeting in Thailand is a great opportunity for the country to showcase its potential in many different areas with direct benefits for businesses such as food, hotels, tourism, souvenirs, transportation, the service sector, manufacturing, and of course, the digital tech sector.


“AIS, as a provider of digital network services, is working closely with the APEC hosts to ensure a properly powerful and up-to-date digital network is at the disposal of the delegates. Inside the event at QSNCC, AIS has been installing digital networks to provide service, and today we are fully ready to provide network service in the whole of Bangkok, in a bigger picture of ensuring that digital services and communications are maximally smooth and efficient.


“AIS teams are excited to be part of the hosting work, which is leveraging AIS’ potential to support every aspect of managing the forum. Publicizing this event is to build relationships and connections and achieve a balance, from the host nation’s point of view. The conference will showcase Thailand’s technical readiness levels, now AIS has fully developed digital infrastructure as a selling point for the country amidst global competition. We will continue on this path of technical leadership,” concluded Wasit