CP Foods Showcases Space-Grade Standards in its Chicken Production

Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (CP Foods) welcomed Thai media to its chicken processing plant in Nakhon Ratchasima province for a deeper understanding of space-grade standard, state-of-the-art chicken production process. The visit emphasized the company’s dedication to unparalleled food safety, space standards, and supply chain integrity.


Deputy Director of Standard and Regulation at CP Foods Dr. PAYUNGSAK S.TANAGUL, DVM, said: “Our unwavering commitment to food quality and safety ensures that consumers receive superior value. Our advanced scientific and technical approaches form the foundation of this assurance.”


CP Foods’ chicken offerings stand out as the only Thai brand recognized for satisfying the stringent food specifications required for space missions through the “Thai Food Mission to Space” program.


5 cornerstone standard CP Foods adopted to the stringent processes are as follow:

  1. Chickens are natural selectively bred from the genetic level, inheriting vitality from their predecessor breeders.
  2.  Chicken feeds are designed based on age, ensuring optimal health and growth. The addition of probiotics enhances the chickens’ natural defenses and boosts disease resistance. This meticulous approach negates the need for antibiotics and growth hormones. Their diet also boasts 23 vital vitamins and minerals.
  3. Real-time disease monitoring ensures a germ-free upbringing for the chickens.
  4. The dedicated Research Farm Lab supervises metabolic activities, delivering precision nutrition assessments.
  5. The facility, designed with advanced biosecurity measures, ensures an environment where ambiance, temperature, and air circulation are optimal, adhering to the Five Freedoms animal welfare principles. To be healthy and happy chickens.

These principles combine global food safety benchmarks with innovative food production techniques, aiming to provide consumers with unparalleled safety.


“CP Foods utilizes the Smart Factory system, incorporating advanced food production technologies like automation, AI, and IoT. This intelligent setup allows real-time monitoring, enhancing the safety of our products. Our Food Lab employs state-of-the-art equipment to rigorously test for residues and pathogens, ensuring healthful, safe, and traceable food even if we assure our process control.” Dr. PAYUNGSAK added.


CP Foods follows foundational food safety protocols, such as GHP, HACCP, BRC, and other globally accepted benchmarks. This dedication led to the establishment of the “CPF Food Standard”, reassuring consumers of the company’s excellence.