Gazprom Accuses Siemens Energy for Nord Stream 1 Shutdown

Russia’s Gazprom said on Tuesday the resumption of the major gas pipeline Nord Stream 1 to Europe is dependent on Siemens Energy.

The Russian state-owned company told Reuters on Tuesday that it will not resume gas flow via Nord Stream 1 pipeline until German energy company Siemens Energy repairs faulty equipment.

On Friday (September 2), Gazprom decided at the last minute not to restart the key Nord Stream pipeline following maintenance, claiming an engine oil leak at a compressor station, sending wholesale gas prices rising.

When asked when Nord Stream 1 would resume gas delivery, Gazprom deputy chief executive Vitaly Markelov told Reuters, “You should ask Siemens. They have to repair equipment first.”

Siemens Energy stated that Gazprom had not yet contracted them to perform maintenance on the turbine suspected of leaking engine oil, but that they were ready to do so at any time.