Chinese Residents Live in Fear of Further Lockdown amid Another Resurgence of Covid Cases

Several major cities in China including Shanghai and Beijing are on high alert after Covid-19 cases on July 17, 2022, spiked to 678, its highest since the previous outbreak in April-May that led to a two-month lockdown, causing economic slowdown for the country as well as corporates with manufacturers in China.

The rise in Covid-19 raised fears among Chinese of returning into a lockdown.

Shanghai, one of the hardest hit in the previous outbreak, plans to hold mass testing in many of its 16 districts after seeing a rise in Covid-19 cases in the city inside its quarantine areas. The city also had a similar test last week.

Tianjin, a city of 12 million residents near Beijing, said that it will again roll out a mass testing on its residents after finding two cases of infection. The city recently had a mass testing multiple times last month.

The capital city Beijing found two local cases on Monday.

Chengdu suspended various entertainment and cultural venues.

Chinese authorities are more focusing on keeping Covid cases low in which zero is the ideal following its zero-Covid policy, even at the cost of economic growth.


Some businesses such as Tesla lost its position of world’s top seller to the Chinese BYD with 564,000 to 641,000 vehicles sold in the first half of 2022. Tesla said that the shutdown in Shanghai had caused its production to halt, resulting in lower delivery.