Analysts Expect Positive Outlook for Thailand’s Tourism as Chinese Visitors Surge

Analysts view the recent increase in Chinese travelers to Thailand as a positive indicator for the Thai tourism industry and the broader Thai economy.

Assistant managing director of Kasikorn Research Center Kevalin Wangpichayasuk stated optimism about the Thai tourism industry on Thursday with Chinese state news agency Xinhua, citing the dramatic increase in the number of Chinese visitors to Thailand.

According to Kevalin, between January 1 and April 23, more than 737,000 Chinese tourists visited Thailand. This is a 300% increase over the same period a year ago, as a result of China lifting its harsh COVID-19 curbs late last year. This trend is anticipated to continue, Kevalin noted, as the current daily average of Chinese tourist arrivals is around 10,000.

However, she noted that the Thai tourism industry is also aware that Chinese tourists’ preferences have changed, as most current arrivals are young travelers and small group tours who are increasingly interested in local food and fashion and visiting new travel destinations like secondary cities.

As long as long-distance travel costs remain high and Thailand continues to provide valuable products and services, the country will continue to attract Chinese tourists, said Kevalin.