GULF Will Tender All THCOM Shares at THB9.92

Gulf Energy Development Public Company Limited (SET: GULF) has announced that it will make a tender offer for the remaining of 58.87% shareholding in Thaicom Public Company Limited (SET: THCOM) after the company completed the conditions precedent for the acquisition of ordinary shares of THCOM amounting 41.13% in an earlier agreement.


Yesterday, Intouch Holdings Public Company Limited (SET: INTUCH) announced the resolution of its Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders that resolved to approve the disposal of THCOM, its subsidiary of INTUCH, to GULF, its major shareholder, at the amount of 450,870,934 shares or 41.13% of the total issued shares of THCOM.

INTUCH will receive THB 4,472.64 million from the disposal, considering the offering price is THB 9.92 per share.


In this regard, GULF will also tender for the remaining 58.87% shareholding of THCOM at the price of THB 9.92 per share. The company expected to officially submit the tender form by January 5, 2023.