B.Grimm Drives Exponential Growth Across Six Businesses Groups, Ascending as a Global Leader

  • Leveraging “B. Grimm Power” and “B. Grimm Industrial” to achieve a comprehensive the industrial solution and meet all customer needs while establishing ‘B.Grimm Pharma‘ for leading integrated health products, emphasizing a business model that prioritizes a compassionate relationship with society.


B.Grimm, an organization deeply ingrained in Thai society and committed to doing business with compassion since its establishment in 1878, has consistently grown alongside the nation. Evolving from a modest apothecary business, B.Grimm has transformed into a key player in the energy sector. Currently expanding its influence across six diverse business groups, B.Grimm is poised to further develop its grassroots initiatives. The organization is dedicated to establishing “B.Grimm Pharma” as a leading force in the integrated health product industry. In an official announcement outlining strategies for the next five years and commemorating its 150th anniversary, B.Grimm reaffirms its commitment to substantial growth, positioning itself as a prominent global organization.

Dr. Harald Link, Chairman of B.Grimm, stated, “Throughout the 145 years, B.Grimm has remained committed to doing business with compassion, aiming to create value for society and the environment. Beginning with the establishment of “Siam Dispensary,” the first Western apothecary shop in Siam, later appointed as a royal drug store during King Rama V’s reign, B.Grimm has embraced a culture of modernity and ongoing progress. Guided by the four core values (4Ps Core Values), the B.Grimm family has consistently employed a dynamic strategy to navigate changing landscapes and adapt to various transformations. Today, B.Grimm continues to play a crucial role in Thailand’s infrastructure development, from the monumental task of constructing the 1,500-kilometer-long Rangsit Canal to facilitating the importation of essential medicines and leading the way in wireless telecommunication installations, the company continues to drive significant progress in various sectors.

Currently, B.Grimm operates in six main e groups: 1. Energy, 2. Industrial, 3. Healthcare, 4. Digital Technology, 5. Lifestyle, serving as a representative for various fashion product groups, and 6. Real Estate. Today, B.Grimm is transcending domestic competition to become a globally leading organization, focusing its business strategy and investment directions towards four core values (4Ps Core Values): 1. Partnership, 2. Pioneering Spirit, 3. Positivity, and 4. Professionalism.

B.Grimm has set growth targets for each business, particularly in its three main sectors, led by B.Grimm Power Public Company Limited, advancing the long-term strategy “GreenLeapGlobal and Green.” The goal is to increase the proportion of renewable energy to over 50% by 2030, expand investment in 10,000 megawatts of production capacity from ongoing and under-development projects by 2030, and achieve Net Zero Carbon Emissions by 2050. Currently, the company is constructing and developing projects in Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Italy, and the United Arab Emirates. The installed and operational capacity is 3,970 megawatts, with an additional 12 projects under construction and development, targeting a total capacity of 4,623 megawatts.

In 2023, B.Grimm Power expanded projects significantly, with a highlight being the substantial investment in South Korea. The company invested in two solar power projects with a total installed capacity of 122.49 megawatts and is developing wind power projects exceeding 1,000 megawatts. B.Grimm Power was recognized by the South Korean government and received an award at Investment Korea 2023. The company has been selected as a producer and supplier of electricity from renewable energy sources for 15 projects by the Thai government, with a total capacity of 339.3 megawatts. Presently, the company is poised to engage in forthcoming rounds of renewable energy projects.
B.Grimm Industrial, one of the key business groups, experienced significant growth in 2023, with an 14% increase in revenue. The company has become a leader in the Thai air conditioning system business, focusing on continuous brand building, distributor support, and the introduction of innovative products and services. Additionally, it expanded its business into electric vehicle charging stations, capitalizing on the growing popularity of electric cars. In 2023, B.Grimm Industrial installed around 70 chargers, aiming for continuous growth under the company’s platform.

Furthermore, B.Grimm Industrial expanded its business into turnkey solar cell system installation (EPC), offering end-to-end services to clients, and developed solutions for healthy living. The company installed UV-C light technology in shopping centers owned by Central Group and plans further expansion. With a strategic focus on sustainable growth, B.Grimm Industrial aims to triple its revenue by 2030, supported by ongoing workforce development initiatives. This forward-thinking approach, coupled with its adaptability to market trends, positions the company for continued success and expansion.

Closing with B.Grimm Pharma, another flagship business of B.Grimm, which has been pivotal since its establishment in 1878, tracing back 145 years to the first Western-style pharmacy in Thailand known as “Siam Dispensary.” Bestowed with the title of Royal Pharmacy since the reign of King Rama V, it marks the inception of B.Grimm’s business philosophy rooted in the company’s commitment to holistic business practices for the benefit of society. Given the current limitations in healthcare access in the country, B.Grimm has revived this foundational business under the name “B.Grimm Pharma.” The focus remains on the original ethos—dedicated to creating positive contributions by providing access to quality medicines and healthcare products. Covering a diverse range, the products include medicines produced both domestically and imported from abroad, spanning four key therapeutic areas: 1. Cardiovascular system, 2. Central nervous system, 3. Musculoskeletal system, and 4. Gastrointestinal system. Additionally, the company offers dietary supplements, cosmetics, and medical equipment, aligning with B.Grimm’s long-standing commitment to promoting overall well-being and enhancing the quality of life for individuals in society.

Dr. Harald Link concluded by highlighting B.Grimm’s 145 years of doing business with compassion, along with the outlined strategy. B.Grimm is ready to grow into a globally leading organization, striving for success and expanding its business in numerous countries worldwide. This effort aims to showcase the potential of the Thai people and lead all partners towards sustainable growth.