Samsung Electronics Workers Union in South Korea to Take Strike Action

Samsung Electronics’ labor union in South Korea has revealed their plans to initiate a strike, which involves suggesting members take annual leave on June 7 as an initial form of protest, as stated by a union representative in a press conference broadcast live on Wednesday.

The union, which represents approximately 28,000 employees – over a fifth of the company’s overall workforce – shared their intentions amid a backdrop displaying a banner stating “We can no longer tolerate labour repression, union repression.”

During the live-streamed press conference, a group of union representatives disclosed the upcoming strike action, while Samsung Electronics did not provide an immediate response to the announcement. Last week, over 2,000 unionized workers of the South Korean tech giant congregated in Seoul for a rare rally, advocating for improved wages.


CGS International Thailand (CGSI) stated that the report would have less or no effect on the Thai ETRON (tech) stocks, with Samsung Mobile being indirectly affected, while the analyst expected Hana Microelectronics Public Company Limited (SET: HANA) to face limited impact.

Meanwhile, CGSI noted that mobile gadgets could encounter problems relating to demand.