Thaksin Shinawatra to Be Indicted for Alleged Royal Insult amid Speculation of Rising in Political Power

Thailand’s attorney-general stated that former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra will be indicted over alleged insults against the monarchy, a significant blow to the political heavyweight whose supporters are currently part of the government.

The accusations stem from an interview Thaksin gave to foreign media in 2015, leading to charges including breaching the computer crime law.

Thaksin, 74, has publicly affirmed his loyalty to the monarchy, which is protected by Thailand’s stringent lese-majeste law. Despite being released on parole in February after serving six months in detention instead of jail, citing health issues, for charges related to abuse of power and conflicts of interest, he faces new legal challenges.

With a history of political turbulence, Thaksin’s return to Thailand in 2023 after 15 years of being a fugitive has raised speculation of potential agreements with his adversaries in the establishment and military, whom he has accused of undermining his political influence in the past. His party, Pheu Thai, currently holds government leadership positions.

As Thaksin faces renewed legal battles and ongoing political rivalries, observers anticipate his continued behind-the-scenes involvement in Thai politics, potentially setting the stage for further conflicts with established power structures. Despite claims of retirement from active politics, his enduring influence remains a point of contention within the country’s political landscape.

Thaksin is prepared to demonstrate his innocence in response to accusations of insulting the monarchy, as confirmed by his lawyer on Wednesday.
Winyat Chartmontri stated in a press conference that Thaksin is ready to assert his rights in the criminal case and present his defense within the judicial system. The lawyer will request a bail for Thaksin.