Donald Trump Announces 2024 Presidential Run

Former President Donald Trump officially launched a presidential campaign in 2024 on Tuesday night, filing paperwork with the US election authority announcing himself a candidate for the presidency and establishing a campaign committee.

In a speech delivered at a private club in Florida on Tuesday night, Trump criticized current President Joe Biden for his work during his first two years in office, “We are a nation in decline. We are a failing nation for millions of Americans.” “I will ensure Joe Biden does not receive four more years,” he added.

“This campaign will be about issues, vision and success, and we will not stop, we will not quit, until we’ve achieved the highest goals and made our country greater than it has ever been before,” Trump said.

Trump launched his campaign a week after Republicans lost crucial midterm races, despite the advice of current and former advisers.

Trump’s filing with the F.E.C. established Donald J. Trump for President 2024 and officially launched the 2024 Republican presidential primary, a race where dynamics have shifted radically in the last week.

Currenct US President Joe Biden responded on Donald Trump’s decision to run for president again on Wednesday, saying that the Republican “failed” his country during his time in office.

“Donald Trump failed America,” Biden said in a tweet from Bali, where he was attending the last day of the G20 summit.