BMA Joins IVL on “Sustainable Plastic Waste Management” Training Project for School Directors

BMA’s Department of Education joins Indorama Ventures for a training on the “Sustainable Plastic Waste Management” project for school directors


The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), led by the Department of Education, joins hands with Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited (IVL), a global sustainable chemical company, to organize training for over 500 participants, including school directors, heads of the Department of Education, and educational supervisors. The program is entitled “Sustainable Plastic Waste Management”. IVL also provided educational materials to 400 BMA schools to help them pass on knowledge of waste management and PET recycling to their students and educational personnel.


Mr. Chadchart Sittipunt, Governor of Bangkok, said, “This Sustainable Plastic Waste Management project of the BMA schools is considered a profitable project as waste is a matter that many sectors are interested in and working together to find solutions at the community, national, and international levels. One of the sustainable waste solutions is waste management under the concept of a circular economy, which focuses on the proper administration of waste sorting from the generated sources to make it easier to be further utilized through various processes and create value from post-consumer materials. Furthermore, it helps to reduce environmental problems in a sustainable way. According to the government’s 2018–2030 plastic waste management roadmap, the goal is to utilize 100% of plastic waste by 2027. We appreciate Indorama Ventures, an expert in PET recycling, for being a good partner in waste management and environmental protection in Bangkok by providing BMA’s Department of Education and schools with knowledge and supporting learning materials on recycling.”


Mrs. Chuleeporn Wongpipat, Deputy Director-General the Department of Education at the BMA, said, “Co-organizing a training with Indorama Ventures is part of the Sustainable Plastic Waste Management project for schools under the BMA. The goals are to create partnerships in all sectors to raise awareness of environmental issues and to help reduce and sort waste at its source, including maximizing utilization of post-consumer materials, in caring for Bangkok’s environment. Participants are from 437 BMA schools, 50 heads of the BMA’s Department of Education, and 60 educational supervisors. Later, we will supervise and follow up with the BMA schools under the sustainable waste management project in the first quarter of 2023 and conclude the project.”


Since 2018, Indorama Ventures has been conducting the Recycling Education Project, which aligns with the company’s vision as a global sustainable chemical company. The goals are to increase awareness and knowledge among teachers, educators, students, and the public about different types of plastic and proper waste separation from the sources, as well as to promote bringing post-consumer materials into the recycling process, which creates a circular economy and long-term solutions to environmental problems.


Mr. Anuj Lohia, Vice President of Indorama Ventures, said, “I am very pleased that IVL has been participating in the sustainable waste management project in BMA schools today. Commencing in 2018, our waste education program is teaching tens of thousands of Thai school children to dispose of their waste correctly and to ensure it will be collected for recycling. I am very proud of our schools’ Recycling Education program, which is a keystone for disseminating waste education globally. Our ambition is to educate one million people worldwide by 2030. To achieve this, we are developing more recycling education materials, such as curricula, videos, infographics, etc., in Thai and English for different age groups.”


Any schools or organizations interested in receiving the educational materials or participating in the program may contact the CSR department at Indorama Ventures, tel. 02-661-6661 ext. 240 and 252, or email [email protected], without any costs.