Biden No Longer Visits Jordan after Deadly Bombing at Gaza’s Hospital, Prompting Palestine’s Leaders to Cancel the Meeting

The U.S. President Joe Biden will no longer visit Jordan as part of his trip to the Middle East this week after the Palestinian President abruptly cancelled the 4-way meeting, following the deadly explosion at a hospital in Gaza.

Yesterday, it was reported that Biden was scheduled to meet with Jordan’s King Abdullah as the king will host Biden, Palestinian Authority President and Egypt’s President to discuss humanitarian assistance for the Palestinians, which should lower the damage and casualties from the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas fighters.

However, the Palestinian abruptly cancelled the meeting after a bombing at a hospital in Gaza that reportedly killed 500 people.

The bombing was believed to be a part of Israel’s strategy over the Gaza Strip of what it calls a total siege. This includes cutting food, water and electricity supplies. Meanwhile, human rights groups have been criticizing the act for breaking humanitarian law.