FWD Insurance Launches Reachable and Easily Accessible ‘Mind Strength Support’ Platform

FWD Life Insurance Plc. (FWD Insurance) proudly presents the digital platform Mind Strength Support, offering convenient, user-friendly, and secure preventive mental health care services. The platform provides diverse media formats, including the FWD Mind Master Class video series, where well-known actors divulge secrets to bolster mental resilience. Moreover, it features a mental strength assessment along with the option to receive personalized advice and guidance from psychology experts, all in one seamless experience. The platform is now accessible to customers holding the Mind Strength health insurance policy while offering to everyone including non-FWD customers to access the mental health support function on the platform for free for 1-month.

Miss Alisa Areepong, Chief Proposition Officer at FWD Insurance, emphasized the significance of mental health care in the face of present-day challenges that many individuals encounter in their daily lives. FWD Insurance empathizes with its customers, prioritizing their mental health care needs based on our customer-led approach by developing innovative products and services as a Total Solution beyond a mere claim settlement, promoting both physical and mental well-being without incurring any additional expenses. Therefore, we are introducing Mind Strength Support on a digital platform to facilitate easy access to mental health services. The company collaborates with ThoughtFull, a digital mental health care service provider, to extend mental health care services to customers holding the Mind Strength health insurance policy, which comprehensively covers mental health care expenses as part of FWD’s pioneering Modular Series products. The platform is also available to non-FWD customers for using the mental health support function at no extra cost for 1-month, commencing today.


The Mind Strength Support platform boasts user-friendliness, convenience, and robust privacy measures to safeguard personal information. It provides the following engaging features for users:

1) View the FWD Mind Master Class series, a collaborative effort between FWD and experts led by Asst.Prof.Dr. Songpoom Benyakorn, featuring prominent actors like Paula Taylor, Janesuda Parnto Sirisan, Nong-Thana Chatborirak, and Carissa Springett, divulging invaluable insights on cultivating mental resilience.

2) Complete a mental assessment to receive personalized advice and suggestions based on their assessment scores to nurture their mental well-being.

3) Access online consultation and guidance from mental health professionals or psychologists via text messages or video calls. Customers with the Mind Strength insurance policy can access this service for the whole policy duration, while others may use the platform for free for one month.

The Mind Strength Support platform is currently accessible to holders of Mind Strength policies, FWD Insurance clients, and interested users at https://mindstrength.fwd.co.th/.