North Korea Allows Tourist Entries for the First Time since Pandemic

The report from Chinese state media CCTV said, North Korea authorities will start to loosen its border control for the first time since 2020. Tourists that are likely from Russia and China can enter North Korea from Monday (25 Sep) but will be required to quarantine for two days before proceeding further.

Last Thursday (21 Sep), a Chinese envoy met with a North Korea tourism official on this matter, possibly resulting in this announcement. North Korea has been loosening its restrictions since the latest Asian Games in China. A North Korean delegation of almost 200 athletes has been sent through its border. Also, the recent Russia visit by its leader Kim Jong Un for the first time in four years.


North Korea is one of the most economically sanctioned in the world. The country is using its nuclear missile development programs to force the US, South Korea and Japan to the negotiation table for its economic aid.

The “glorious” North Korean economy is questionable as the country’s night light from the space photo was very dim compared to its neighbor, South Korea. The recent weapon deal with Russia for the Ukraine conflict and this Chinese tourist allowance are seen as a move to sustain the country’s economy, earning more the needed foreign currencies cash.