Kaohoon’s Top News on November 15, 2021

– GULF reported a net profit of 1,588 million baht in 3Q21, owing to revenue recognition from the first unit of the GSRC project and dividend income from INTUCH of 1,666 million baht. Meanwhile, PTT‘s earnings increased 67.5% to nearly 24 billion baht in 3Q21, mainly due to strong performance of petrochemical and refinery business following a higher average referenced selling prices. In addition, PTT unveiled its five-year strategic plan, which includes an investment budget of 865,000 million baht.

With financial institutions now permitted to pay dividends of up to 50% of year 2021 net profit, analysts believe this will benefit eight commercial banks, with SCB being the top gainer due to its yield of up to 4%. SCB is rated “BUY” by analysts with a target price of 150 baht, and analysts anticipate a recovery in Thai banks in 4Q21 following the country’s reopening.

On November 11, 2021, MSCI Global Small Cap Indexes announced changes to the index’s constituents, including the addition of BEC, TIDLOR, and TIPH, and the deletion of TKN. Analysts favor TIDLOR since its price is still laggard and it has a high possibility of being included in the SET50/100 next year. Meanwhile, MSCI Thailand’s weighting has been reduced from 0.02 to 1.64%.

Kaohoon Turakij has compiled a list of five stocks that achieved profit growth of more than 100% in the third quarter of this year. They are as follows: LEO increased its profit by 253% to 52 million baht, WICE increased its profit by 189 to 162 million baht, RICHY increased its profit by 935% to 79 million baht, KUN increased its profit by 176% to 42 million baht, and STARK increased its profit by 130% to 915 million baht.

JMART reported a net profit of 269 million baht in 3Q21, bringing 9M21 earnings to a record 835 million baht, up 59% from the previous year, while 3Q21 results for JMT came in higher than expected, with a profit of 352 million baht. Analysts suggest investors to monitor JMART’s 4Q21 results closely, as its subsidiaries JMT and SINGER will enter the high season, and the funds from BTS will be recognized in late November.

The Board of Directors of TQM approved a par split from 1.00 baht per share to 0.50 baht per share to increase liquidity in the market. Meanwhile, in 3Q21, TQM reported a net profit of 241.7 million baht, up 42.4%, resulting in a 9M21 profit of 664 million baht, or an increase of 29.7%. Analysts forecast full-year net profit of TQM to reach 905 million baht.