CP Foods Employs Cutting-Edge Disease Surveillance Ensures Premium Chicken Safety

Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (CP Foods) is dedicated to producing high-quality, safe chicken meat by employing cutting-edge technology and rigorously implementing preventive measures. These efforts aim to minimize the risk of disease transmission from humans to animals, ensuring utmost safety and chemical-free chicken products for consumers.

Dr. Nion Boonprasert, DVM, Head of Avian Veterinary Service & Animal Health Diagnostic Center at CP Foods, emphasized the company’s commitment to food quality and safety. CP Foods has implemented a smart farm system that adheres to stringent disease control measures throughout the entire production chain, from feed production to farming and processing. These comprehensive efforts, aimed at ensuring the highest safety standards for chicken meat, have been certified by international inspection agencies.

For animal feed, CP Foods ensures that all ingredients are safe and chemical free. The selection process involves sourcing clean, high-quality raw materials that are rich in nutrients. Additionally, the origins of these raw materials are verified to ensure they come from reliable sources, complying with legal standards and avoiding any residue that could affect animals and consumers.

Chickens are raised in a closed system, known as the Evaporative Cooling System (EVAP), which controls all environmental factors to benefit the chickens. This system manages ventilation, lighting, temperature, and humidity to suit different stages of the chickens’ growth. As a result, the chickens remain comfortable and stress-free. This approach significantly reduces the likelihood of illness.

Dr. Nion also highlighted the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) in the chicken barns, utilizing internet and wireless systems to facilitate efficient operations. A centralized computer allows for monitoring from a central control room, reducing the need for human entry into the houses. Cameras monitor the environment inside the chicken house and the well-being of the animals, ensuring they live comfortably, exhibit healthy behaviors, and grow well, resulting in high-quality, safe chicken meat for consumers.

The company also employs an automatic feeding system. Food trucks transporting feed are subjected to strict disease prevention measures, such as disinfectant spraying before entering the farm. The feed is then loaded into a silo at the front of the animal house and dispensed through the farm’s automatic feeding system, minimizing the risk of disease transmission from humans to animals.

CP Foods’s dedicated team of veterinarians provide specialized poultry services to monitor animal health and prevent diseases. These veterinarians conduct regular health checks and implement systematic sampling programs to screen for diseases, with particular focus on avian influenza, Newcastle disease, and salmonella. This comprehensive surveillance system ensures that CP Foods’ meat products are safeguarded against these significant health risks.