CP Foods Contributes to the ‘Science Lab’, Enhancing the Hands-On Learning Experience for Rural Kids

Charoen Pokphand Foods Company Limited (CP Foods) continues to strengthen the development of Thailand’s education through the CONNEXT ED project, initiated by CP Group in collaboration with CP Group’s affiliates and leading Thai companies, aiming to synergize their business expertise to modernize and boost the competitiveness of Thailand’s education system.
The “Science Lab” at Nong Nok Khian Samukkee School in Pak Thong Chai district, Nakhon Ratchasima province, is an initiative under the CONNEXT ED Foundation’s Crowdfunding Project, with significant backing from CP Foods. The lab is equipped with modern scientific equipment for hands-on learning, leading to an experimental-based curriculum, providing a stimulating learning environment to delve into students’ scientific interests.
Nong Nok Khian Samukkee School, a medium-sized primary school catering to 265 students from preschool to grade 9 (Mattayom 3), joined the CONNEXT ED Project in 2019. Under this project, the school initiated the “Weaving Skill for Life” project in 2020 and, in 2022, participated in the Crowdfunding Project to establish the Science Lab Classroom. This year, the school is now seeking funds to implement the school’s integrated agriculture project.
Ms. Sukanya Butprom, the school’s science teacher, emphasizes the crucial role of the Science Lab in enhancing rural students’ science comprehension and skills. The lab provides opportunities for students to participate in practical experiments, conduct research, and engage in problem-solving activities, thus fostering their teamwork and critical thinking abilities. Ms. Butprom emphasized that the lab plays a vital role in reducing the educational disparity between students from rural and urban communities.
The science lab has helped improve the school’s academic achievement scores in science subjects to be higher than the national level (O-NET). The average score for science subjects of grade 6 students was 46.94, which is higher than the national average score of 39.34. Similarly, the average score of grade 11 students was 39.08, also higher than the national average of 33.32. In addition, the experiences and skills gained from learning in the science lab have led the school to earn several awards and certificates, including winning the gold medal in the regional school science project competition at the primary school level, as well as the gold award for scientific invention at the primary school level, etc.
Pranutwat Suriyojo, a 13-year-old student, appreciates that his school established the Science Lab for enhancing his scientific knowledge and ability to engage in science projects. He takes great pleasure in the hands-on learning approach and credits the lab for fueling his passion for science.
Panadda Sodoking, the 14-year-old student council president at Nong Nok Khian Samukkee School, expressed pride in her school and appreciation for the Science Lab. She noted that the lab has deepened her scientific understanding and honed her scientific skills. She also extended gratitude to CP Foods for their critical contribution to realizing the Science Lab.

The Science Lab symbolizes CP Foods’ commitment to advancing education in Thailand. As a founding member of the CONNEXT ED Foundation, CP Foods strives to standardize the quality of education to ensure equitable access for all Thai children. The establishment of the Science Lab, which promotes hands-on learning, exemplifies CP Foods’ continuous efforts in supporting Thai education.