Israel’s Netanyahu Denies “Humanitarian Corridor” as Foreigners Seek Escape Routes

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office denied a humanitarian corridor that would allow passage from the Gaza Strip to Egypt’s Rafah crossing, saying that there is currently no cease-fire and humanitarian aid in the Gaza Strip in exchange for the expulsion of foreigners, according to a translated statement using Google Translate.

Meanwhile, an unconfirmed number of foreigners together with 600 American passport holders are struck in the blockade, according to CNBC.


On the other hand, US President Joe Biden urged that the “re-occupation would be a mistake” and “there must be a path to a Palestinian state.” However, the White House still holds the stance of “Israel has a right to defend itself.”

It’s the 10th day of Israel’s military campaign as the continuous bombardment has already cut off essential supplies to 2 million people in Gaza. This conflict already claimed over 4,000 lives, including 1,400 lives in Israel and 2,700 lives in Gaza.